Editorial: All Hail Hard Copies of Music News

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Street magazines, one of the best things about living in Oz if you follow music and the arts. They were all vanishing into the cloud, but like vinyl records and real live music, they’re coming back. Nothing quite like a pint of Pale and a good free read, before heading to the gig you’ve just learned about. All power to the guitar and the pen.

music sa

“…In this respect, street press has significant, positive cultural value. …”


As we speak, I am in the Music SA office anxiously awaiting the arrival of a courier*… He/she will be delivering the highly prized 1st ever printed edition of “B-Side Magazine“, which makes its debut today. Yep, Adelaide’s streets now have new, physical ‘street press’ dedicated to our SA music scene.

You’ve gotta be happy about that.

In my opinion, compared to other states, our city has an enviable history of good quality street press. Yet in recent years, for one reason or another, we’ve witnessed the disappearance of the once ubiquitous broadsheets that helped us navigate local live music. Of course, such information can be found online (*cough, on Music SA for example, *cough)… but there’s a certain romance to the printed word.

Call me old school – I don’t mind! – I just like physical…

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