Boats, borders and booze

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Saturday afternoon in northern Zealand or southern Sweden… what shall we do? Pub? Restaurant? Shopping? Park? How about country-hopping on the ferry? Or just stay all day (!) on board as it shuttles back and forth the 4 km Oresund channel between Denmark’s Helsingor and Sweden’s Helsingborg. Swedes take the boat to access cheap(er) alcohol in Denmark whilst Danes go to Sweden … well, to avoid boozy Swedes!

Up to a couple of hundred foot passengers will get on at the Swedish end, but only a couple of dozen disembark in Denmark- the remainder staying on board to dine or drink with friends. And why not? For 70 krona (about $14) you can stay all day or evening, enjoy sunset over the sea, pass Kronborg- Hamlet’s castle- to be or not to be, again and again.

Helsingor, Elsinore, little mer-boy, Denmark

Helsingor (Denmark), better known as Elsinore, is a tourist town with the quaint streets and loads of liquor stores and bicycles. It also has the Little Mer-boy, a complement to Copenhagen’s more famous statue. Helsingor is only 45 minutes by train from Copenhagen and 15 minutes from the Louisiana modern art gallery.

Helsingborg, Sweden

Helsingborg (Sweden) is a small bustling city, but with grand architecture and intimate but buzzing squares, offering a more urban experience. We popped over from Denmark for dinner! Meanwhile on the boat, the multinational merriment continued well into the night. It was the night of Eurovision. How apt.

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