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A year in pictures- my daily photo challenge.., The end of the year brings the end of my Instagram project #glenelgbeach365. Variations on a theme A photo ( on smartphone) of the beach every day for year, except when I’ve been away. Sometimes sunsets of unrivalled drama or beauty, very rarely a silky sunrise, or

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Look both ways IV (double)

It was such a unique and beautiful evening before the sunset, the sky dark and ominous, the ocean flat and glassy, the air giving both a clarity to glimpse distant shores and a dusky grey ambiguous horizon, behind, the hills bathed in gold. It seemed to deserve a double Look Both Ways- jetty to bay,

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Rays, rainbows, refraction

The oversized sun as it sinks below the ocean… I was thinking about refraction while watering the garden, and there was a rainbow in the water. Later, having a beer at the surf lifesaving club, there was a rainbow on my chair. But the biggest influence of refraction in Adelaide is the sunset- the oversized

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