Shade and cold beer

Being festival season in the UK this seemed relevant. News broke yesterday on radio station Triple J that the roving one day festival, the Big Day Out, would not rove around Australia (and New Zealand) next year. I’m not going to be able to blog about it, so here’s my take on 2014, my first

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Winter solstice

Winter solstice has been and the days are now lengthening again. I must confess ( and this blog is meant to convey truthful content and commentary) that I have struggled to adjust to the dark evenings and colder weather. It hasn’t even been very cold, rarely in single figures. Most days a jacket suffices. Neither

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Scotland Is a State of Mind

Originally posted on Mara Eastern:
My response to this week’s Random Moment of Delight, a blogging challenge by FireBonnet, was inspired by two occasions. One of them was me casually browsing my WordPress Reader, looking for and finding new blogs by searching my favourite tag “Scotland”. Another occasion was when I saw a fellow blogger’s…