The urban garden 1

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Along with lockdowns and working from home, the last eighteen months has seen a flourishing of inner city horticulture. TV gardening shows such as the iconic Gardening Australia have begun to focus more on the courtyard, balcony and indoors as well as featuring public gardens and large suburban or country plots.

City living affords the convenience of proximity to shops, restaurants, etc., and also, paradoxically, the opportunity for slower living as the car is replaced by bike or feet.

Slower travel allows for the enjoyment of city parks, trees and flora along the way as the journey becomes much more than reaching the destination. Adelaide is blessed to have its city centre surrounded by parklands and, within the city boundary, parks, tree-lined streets and verge gardens all help to bring nature closer to city living.

In this series I am going to show the passing of the seasons, both on the streets and in the yard. I hope you enjoy this journey in the company of a novice gardener. Right now it is early spring with an abundance of colour from the fruit blossoms, bottlebrushes (Callistemon) and wisteria.

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