Lefties Old Tyme Music Hall, Brisbane

Brissie bandrooms


Reminiscing the retro

A trip to Brisbane  presented the opportunity to sample a couple of new (to me) live music venues: Leftie’s Old Time Music Hall and Sonny’s House of Blues.

Lefties Old Tyme Music Hall, Brisbane

Leftie’s Old Time Music Hall, in the shadow of the Suncorps Stadium, is exactly as described- offering old time good times with its rum featured Mermaid Bar and opulent interior. We were treated musically to two 1950s style bands: Dezzie Dee and the Stingrays, and the Sugar Shakers (pictured above).

Likewise Sonny’s House of Blues was exactly all you would expect of a blues club- situated down an alley downtown, in a basement, pure Americana inside. The menu featured ‘loaded fries’- chips with mozzarella and Italian sausage- delicious, along with staples: cheeseburgers, nachos, wings, etc. On the sonic menu the band served up steaming, funky, rocky blues.

Visually odd- the band members looked like they should all be in different bands

Sonny's House of Blues

Visually odd- the band members looked like they should all be in different bands. Leader Byron Scrote (I think that was his name)- part bogan, part guitar genius; the bassist looked like he should be serving cold brew coffee; the keyboardist looked like he was on day release from an institution. They may have been diverse in their appearance, but the band’s rhythms fused perfectly.

Equally strange was the audience- partly the posh older people you’d expect to be blues aficionados, some bearded hipster types,  a lot of mature girls’ nights out, some hillbillies (who were with the band) and the weirdest of all, a golfer complete with plus fours, golf shoes, a golf glove and a tee behind his ear,  but no evidence of a themed party. But stranger still was the footwork. Such crazy, frenzied dancing. Or maybe this is just a normal night out in Brisbane?

Footnote: Sadly since visiting, Sonny’s House of Blues has closed. The retro is now truly retro. Come on BrisVegas, stop losing great music venues!

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