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Look both ways V

A massive storm engulfs Glenelg transmogrifying the bay. Wave upon wave of rain-laden clouds roll in like an aerial tide over the Gulf. You can smell the ocean in the rain. You can see the rain. It’s rain for all five senses. Turn around and it’s all blue skies and pond-like ocean south towards the

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Over the hills and (not) far away

A short drive from the city saw us in the Adelaide Hills, stepping back in time into an alternative reality of retro farmsteads, rolling, rural landscapes, remnants of old towns, and, most importantly, wineries. The vines are bare now, but the spring blossoms are out. We followed a sign for flowers that led down a

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Cars and girls (in a socialist utopia)

In recent years the winery-festival has become a popular format, particularly with more mature audiences, and equally mature bands. Having an event in a McLaren Vale winery guarantees two further things: decent wines – available by the bottle – giving the proceedings a level of relative sophistication, and a stunning backdrop to the music as

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