Back in ADL SA

Back in ADL SA- the opening song of #SWT_HM_ADL. New shows soon.

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It’s the opening song – and sets the scene for the show SWT_HM_ADL (Sweet Home Adelaide). As a frequent visitor to the city and erstwhile frequent flyer I’d call cities by their airport codes. Modes of transport – aeroplanes, ships, trains, bikes, cars (of course!), the O-bahn, the tram- feature strongly in the show, as they do in popular music- and life! The song is an homage to the Beatles’ Back in the USSR (itself a parody of the Beach Boys’ California Girls). Written in 2020 and first performed in SWT_HM_ADL at the Jade in the 2021 Adelaide Fringe.

SWT_HM_ADL is to be performed at the Adelaide Umbrella Festival August 1 and 8 at the Jade.

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