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Royal Adelaide Show, Wayville Showgrounds, Adelaide
The Royal Adelaide (agricultural) Show- so much more than cow fancying or sheep shearing -although these are on offer. Much, much more. What’s not to like from wine and cider tasting, artisanal chutneys, freshly baked Lamingtons, V8 ute racing, polo, funfair, fast food including the inimitable Street_ADL? And as for Dancing with Dogs, that was a totally new experience for me (watching it, not doing it!). Where else can you see grown adults clutching oversized cuddly toy animals? (Answer – nowhere. This is it.)

Royal Adelaide Show

I wandered around in a daze of low brow (or shall we say earthy?) wonder at the smorgasbord of cultural exeriences all around. Then we hit the showbag pavillion – absolute bargain conglomerations of things you think you need and things you know you don’t but pretend you do – but what prices! What more can I say? Just start saving for next year’s show.

Royal Adelaide Show, show bag pavilion

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