Scotland Is a State of Mind

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Scotland, seen through fresh eyes, beautifully written.

Mara Eastern

My response to this week’s Random Moment of Delight, a blogging challenge by FireBonnet, was inspired by two occasions. One of them was me casually browsing my WordPress Reader, looking for and finding new blogs by searching my favourite tag “Scotland”. Another occasion was when I saw a fellow blogger’s response to this challenge: it was Justine over at Eclectic Odds ’n’ Sods, who wrote about her native home. I decided to combine “Scotland” and “home”, which happens to be a pertinent combination in my case, and what results below are the most personal lines I have yet published.

As I have already mentioned here and there, I have little affection for my home country, but I feel an intimate connection with Scotland. I’m a rational person who doesn’t believe that people native to one land could be transplanted by the workings of evil magic to another…

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