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Ole Mole

It was my last day before a trip and I needed to pack rather than cook, so I found myself in Lucky Lupitas. In the last few years Adelaide has gone Mexican mad with pop-ups, food trucks and all the usual paraphernalia of hipsterdom. However Lucky’s was the trailblazer. So much so, that there would

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Sometimes life is a beach

Living in Glenelg, I get to the beach most days and I always take a picture for Instagram. Unfortunately I’m not here just for the beach life; they only let me stay in the country on a 457 Visa to work. So here’s a few observations about working in South Australia. We’re paid fortnightly. Leave

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The last day of summer

The beach at Glenelg was surprisingly busy for a school night, but the unusual thirty degree April warmth brought people out for a last bathe in the ocean, or a last bathe (they say bake here) in the sun. Couples strolling across the square, cops cruising the prom, kids on skateboards, a semi-naked backpacker recharging

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