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Travels with a Tele or why Australia is not America

I love my Thinline Fender Telecaster guitar. It goes wherever I go. Over the years I’ve learned that the way airport security deal with musical equipment says a lot about the country. Will they let you take it in the cabin, store it in Business for you, charge you extra, roll out the red carpet

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Ole Mole

It was my last day before a trip and I needed to pack rather than cook, so I found myself in Lucky Lupitas. In the last few years Adelaide has gone Mexican mad with pop-ups, food trucks and all the usual paraphernalia of hipsterdom. However Lucky’s was the trailblazer. So much so, that there would

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ANZAC biscuits

Being the 99th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign we made ANZAC biscuits. These were first made for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps troops serving overseas in World War One, because the ingredients could withstand the long ship journey to Europe. Recent research by Adelaide food historian Allison Reynolds has uncovered a pre 1920

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