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Fringe frolics week 3

Teskey Brothers, Adelaide Fringe Review

WE ARE IAN – TESKEY BROTHERS – CARLA LIPPIS- GYPSY FIRE Just occasionally you see something beyond imagining- a show that challenges your expectations and prejudices. We are Ian was that show. An interpretive dance show based on the late 1970’s Manchester rave scene where the only spoken dialogue is by a light bulb dangling

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Literary luxuriance

Adelaide Writers' Week 2018

ADELAIDE WRITERS’ WEEK 2018 This has to be one of my favourite weeks of the year. Falling under the umbrella of the Adelaide Festival, Writers’ Week is an open air literary festival that takes place under the canopy of leaves and sails in the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden. For one week leading Australian and overseas

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Supertree Grove

Singapore’s arboreal marvel Not a scene out of the movie Avatar┬ábut Singapore’s Supertree Grove, part of the Gardens by the Bay that also include the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The Supertrees, with heights up to 50 metres, combine hi-tech ecological features with natural flora, serving as vertical gardens of exotic ferns , climbers and

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