Yes, we have no empanadas

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Searching for the perfect snack amidst the labyrinthine treasures of Eumundi Markets

With over 600 stalls selling artisanal goods and dozens of food offerings the Queensland village of Eumundi hosts one of Australia’s largest arts and craft markets

Situated in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland and in the shadow of the imposing Mount Cooroy, Eumundi is a picture perfect traditional country town. Its one main street Memorial Drive is lined with heritage and clapperboard buildings. At under 100 km from Brisbane its high end dining, brewery and craft shops make it a relaxing weekend destination away from city life- but its main draw card is the twice weekly market.

Market day sees the entire length of Memorial Drive crammed with parked vehicles as the town’s population of two thousand is multiplied many times over. With over 600 stalls selling artisanal goods and dozens of food offerings Eumundi hosts one of Australia’s largest arts and craft markets.

Exploring the market’s entirety- at that customary strolling pace seen the world over only in markets- will take a couple of hours. That’s without frequent stops to sample, try or buy. Throw in a couple of snack stops, a coffee or beer, or lingering to listen to one of the many musicians and you could easily spend much more time here. A whole section is devoted to clothing but you will also find hand made soaps, candles, crockery, cutlery, pottery, paintings, dream catchers, toys, jewellery, rugs, and even musical instruments for sale.

I had an idea of empanadas and we sought them out at a non-blistering pace. The food options were diverse and multifarious- curries, bahn mi, Tibetan momos (no- I didn’t know what they were either), traditional Aussie fare (bacon and egg rolls, burgers), German wursts, pizzas, tacos, even Hungarian langos- fried dough traditionally with garlic and cream cheese- but no empanadas. Perhaps we needed to spend a couple of hours more in the search. Or maybe I might have to follow the market’s motto- make it, bake it, sew it, grow it– and set up my own stall. However, in this instance, the langos did the business.

Eumundi is about ninety minutes from Brisbane by car, lying just off the Bruce Highway (M1)- or half an hour from the Sunshine Coast. The market is held every Wednesday and Saturday.

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